FAWNA stands for Fostering and Assistance for Wildlife Needing Aid

Members and Volunteers

FAWNA is a wonderful organisation and its members of well over 100 people are dedicated each in their own way to helping wildlife. We rescue, care for, rehabilitate and release sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

The committee of FAWNA is made up of voluntary members that manage the administrative matters of FAWNA and ensure that our wildlife and members are protected and supported. This support is in numerous ways including organising fundraising activities, addressing local issues relevant to wildlife, being proactive with other organisations, working alongside the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), facilitating training, providing equipment such as cages and incubators etc as and when possible/needed, keeping everyone informed and much more.

A large number of our members are active in caring directly for wildlife but not all are or can undertake this important work. However, everyone is welcome in our organisation. Not all on the committee or in the membership generally have hands on caring roles either currently or permanently, but we all have the desire to do what we can to help!

How Our Services Work

FAWNA carers rehabilitate wildlife in their own homes. Some members like to specialise in certain species because of their particular interests or due to the fact that not everyone is able to house all kinds of wildlife adequately.

Threatened species come under Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) jurisdiction and may require experienced carers.

No salaries for carers are paid and they usually even pay for equipment and food for the wildlife they are caring for themselves.

Emergency Care Centres (Depots) take in casualties and will provide guidance on care. They may transfer fauna to other carers.

The Aims of FAWNA:

  • To provide emergency care, shelter and rehabilitation for wildlife in need and to release them into a suitable natural environment.
  • To educate and increase awareness of the environmental issues that affect our indigenous fauna, and to encourage appreciation and respect in the minds of others.
  • To provide a means of mutual support for people involved in caring for wildlife in need of aid and assistance.
  • To be aware of, and to form association with, groups with similar objects as the Association for the mutual advantage of FAWNA and these groups.
  • To provide a pool of equipment for the use of members.
  • To raise funds necessary to implement our aims.


Name Role
Suzanne Strapp President
Lorellyn Kinnaird Vice-president
David McKeating Treasurer
Anja Hilwig Secretary
Helen Marwick Committee member
Helen Jones Committee member
Michelle Holzknecht Committee member
Louisa Bateman Committee member
Cassy Longfield Committee member
Sue McGann Committee member
Lynne Thompson Committee member
Jude Kelly Committee member
Marylene Glover Committee member
Shannon Scott Committee member