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Anyone over the age of 16 years who is interested in Australian native animals and has a responsible and caring attitude can become a FAWNA member. Apart from caring for wildlife, FAWNA members can help in various ways such as:

  • Publicity
  • Fund raising
  • Obtaining and washing blankets
  • Transporting wildlife and equipment
  • Administrative assistance
  • Attending to injured wildlife in the field
  • Relocating of mammals and birds under threat or causing distress to the public to a suitable property
  • Making of cages and possum boxes joey and possum pouches

If you would like to become a member please contact the Membership Secretary (options below) and a membership form will be forwarded to you. There is a once-off joining fee of $20 for all new members.

  • Email:
  • Postal address: The Membership Secretary FAWNA Inc, PO Box 551, Busselton, WA 6280

Once your completed form has been received our Membership Secretary will send you out some important information about being a part of FAWNA, how you can get involved.  For any other queries on membership, please contact the Membership Secretary at

FAWNA Committee

The next FAWNA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in February 2018, where the committee will be elected for the new year. Nominations will be called for in January (they will close on January 28th). If you are interested in joining FAWNA as a committee member, or would like to nominate another member for a position on the committee, please email your interest to


When: 25th February 2018 at 2pm

Where: Busselton Men’s Shed, 555 Roe Tce, Busselton WA



Nesting Boxes and Pouches

For anyone who has the time and nible fingers and would like to help out from home, making nesting boxes and/or pouches may be just the thing.  If you would like to try your hand with sewn (not knitted) pouches and cotton sewn liners, the patterns can be found here. The pouches are lifesavers and are greatly appreciated as demonstrated by one of our happy recipients!

Other Support

The FAWNA Committee is interested in hearing about any opportunities you may have for fundraising and promotional events. It may be as simple as having a FAWNA collection tin at your business or having us speak at your function. Contact us for details.

Rules & Duties of Care

Duty of Care for FAWNA Inc. Members

  • It is imperative for members to complete and submit a Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) Volunteer Registration Form to enable cover to be provided for some medical expenses should injuries be sustained whilst undertaking wildlife rescue activities.  Members are held personally responsible for damage they cause to any person or property.
  • All FAWNA carers/members premises must be managed in a manner which does not contravene any Health Acts or Local Government Regulations
  • All carers/members must accept that personal and human safety must always come before animals.
  • No venomous creatures are to be handled by carers/members unless the member is trained and licensed to do so.
  • All carers/members are to wear appropriate protective clothing before commencing any rescue situation i.e. long pants, long sleeves, hat, boots/closed in shoes, protective glasses, gloves etc.
  • Members are not to engage in any activities likely to cause damage or personal injury to themselves or others, such as climbing trees or buildings to retrieve injured or sick animals.
  • All vehicles used for FAWNA activities must be currently registered, the driver hold a valid driver’s license for that class of vehicle and the vehicle should be comprehensively insured.
  • Any boats that members use in the course of wildlife rescue and release must have a licensed skipper and be carrying the correct life saving equipment. All carers/members who cannot swim are prohibited from going in boats for any FAWNA related purpose.
  • All carers/members must obey all road safety rules.

General Rules of FAWNA Inc.

  • All Acts and Regulations pertaining to either animal welfare or wildlife are to be adhered to at all times.
  • FAWNA Inc will maintain a complaints register.  Any complaints, either written or oral, made against FAWNA carers/members are to be documented in the complaints register.
  • Members of the public and other FAWNA members are to be treated with courtesy, care and due respect at all times.
  • The Management Committee will approve any contact with the media on behalf of FAWNA and any content of any such media release must be approved by the President.
  • All depots and wildlife carers must provide to the committee, when required, a record of all native animals taken into care on the appropriate FAWNA Inc record sheet.
  • All carers/members who fail to abide by FAWNA Inc rules or, by their actions bring FAWNA Inc into disrepute, will be dealt with at the discretion of the Management Committee.
  • All FAWNA members who are under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian/parent while undertaking any FAWNA Inc activities.